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Eight new researcher report now available

Eight new researcher reports have recently come in to us: 2010 Hansen, 2014 Bossart, 2015 Benesh, 2015 Guarisco, 2015 Polechla Jr., 2017 Stagliano, 2018 Curry & Curry, 2018 Schaeffer.

Posted: 7/18/2019

Process and Values

We support basic field biological research on all taxa in U.S. prairies and savannas, but we are especially eager to support research on taxa for which funding is scarce, such as insects, fungi, reptiles, spiders, etc. We don't fund many bird projects, in part because there are generally more funds available for the study of birds.

How Can I Help?

Prairie Biotic Research, Inc. has benefitted from generous gifts of various foundations, and both non-profit and for-profit businesses. These are augmented by gifts from individuals concerned with our prairies. Indeed, we can only offer small grants with continued financial support. Please consider joining these enterprises as a donor to Prairie Biotic Research.